Ok, the diet is going well. You are on track for the week and feeling good. But you also feel the strong urge for a treat, something sweet right?

This past weekend I experimented with a ridiculously easy way to make healthy ice-cream. I have to give credit, the idea was derived from the Gracie Academy and Rener Gracie’s excellent instruction. Following some additional Googling and YouTube surfing I had my recipe figured out.

Here it is:

I took 5 bananas, sliced them into quarter inch pieces, put them in a Ziploc bag and froze overnight. The next day all banana pieces along with two tablespoons of peanut butter and a smidgen of vanilla extract went into the blender. A second batch was made with dark chocolate (90% cacao bar – 2 squares).

The juicing method seems better than the blender – at least on the Gracie videos. Blending took a while on puree and some additional almond milk was needed to aid in the blending process. Eventually the concoction turned an ice-cream-esque-like substance. It was a bit like soft soft-serve so into the freezer it went. After 15 minutes I had my treat. The chocolate infused version seemed a bit too much – perhaps too many competing tastes. But either worked to satisfy the stomach without the mental guilt or physical sugar crash from “real” ice cream. Dam simple, damn delicious – Enjoy!
Feel free to share other variations below.