Why Men’s Therapy, LLC?

I understand not having a place where you can go and feel comfortable, knowing that someone is like you. Stop the endless online searches and staring at thumbnail photos, and step in to my office to experience the difference. I am not like the others. I am the local therapy practice specifically qualified and familiar with men’s issues and focused on addressing them.

When brighter days, better pathways and over the rainbows don’t cut it, come see me.

What to Expect?

Honest and worthwhile conversation between two humans with a focused struggle at hand to understand and overcome. As an objective party I can work with you in an unbiased way that is outside your current context. This is what is helpful.

Tell me what’s going on, let me listen, ask questions and then we’ll get to work getting your mind right.

What Not to Expect?

Beanbags and candles (although we do provide wonderfully aromatic premium roast coffee). I will not tell you what you are doing is necessarily right or wrong. I’m not going to help you see your life through rose-colored glasses.


The expectation is that you are a real person in this life and, in return, I will be real with you. No Bull.

How Do I Know if Counseling is Right for Me?

It is, and you already know it, that’s why you’re reading this. Whatever specific reason brought you to this page is the exact item that needs to be addressed in therapy. Perhaps there are other issues and surrounding contexts, but something is preventing you from satisfaction in life, or being able to more easily move forward.

Let’s talk about it – that’s what our counseling is about.

Do I Have to Talk About My Mother & Earliest Childhood Memory?

If you want. But this is not the crux of our process. More importantly let’s talk about where you are currently in life and where you want to go. Let’s also discuss how best to get there and what obstacles may be in your way.

The mind can be a pain in the ass if it’s not on our side, so let’s begin there.

How Much Does it Cost?

$125. 00 per session. Due to maintaining strict and complete client confidentiality this is a cash (credit card, check) only practice. My clients expect and are provided the maximum amount of confidentiality. This is only accomplished by eliminating third-party access to your patient information. Insurance companies can obtain specific therapeutic information shared in sessions as well as influence the direction and effectiveness of therapy. This can run counter to the importance of the client / therapist relationship. There are discounts for prepayment on multiple session plans.

Please contact for additional details.

I'm a woman, will you work with me?

Yes, of course.

What if I Have Insurance?

I do not bill insurance companies and do not participate on insurance panels. There are several important reasons for this, that will be important to you.

Mainly, submitting a mental health invoice for reimbursement carries a risk to your confidentiality and privacy – two key elements to successful therapy.

Also, when insurance is used for psychotherapy, the treatment must be considered “medically necessary.” What this means is that your psychotherapist is required to provide you a psychiatric diagnosis. This diagnosis goes on your health record and can affect you in the future.

And under insurance, your sessions must be continually “justified” (meaning you must be considered “ill”) for your insurance company to continue to pay. In fact, many people I see for psychotherapy are not “mentally ill” and cannot honestly be assigned a psychiatric diagnosis; they are striving to improve their lives, currently not a diagnosis.

I can provide a “super bill” for you to submit to your insurer, if you would like.

Don’t See the Answer to Your Question?

Contact Us for more information. Men’s Therapy engages in “no bull dialogue” with the goal of understanding our clients’ thoughts and current patterns that have led them to seek counseling. We want to help you be a better man and live a better life, contact us at Men’s Therapy.