I work with the discerning client searching for more than just friendly encouragement and acknowledgement of feelings. Traditional counseling therapy caters to addressing feelings, and cognitions according to eclectic theoretical approaches geared toward everyone. I, on the other hand, focus on the unique male client and the challenges men face in everyday life, from a practical perspective. I understand what men undergo throughout their lives and the complications, uncertainty and stress that often results.

Challenges Men Face in Everyday Life


Fear of Failure

Work / Life Balance


Poor Decision-Making






Continual Distraction

Concerns Over Self-Value

Parenting Issues

Marital Unhappiness

Self-Defeating Habits

All men have these and similar battles and often there is a lack of proper acknowledgment and help available that is genuine and beneficial. It’s time to engage in “no bull dialogue” with the goal of understanding fully your thoughts and current patterns that have led you to seek counseling.

My aim is not to make you a happy human being, but to offer real understanding of your unique situation, and offer intelligent dialogue to understand the battle in your head. From here we can decide what changes to make and how to implement them in your life. Regardless of the better outcome, the bigger gains are often in the process. A deeper understanding of yourself lends to a more rewarding life. The means may vary, but there is always an overriding principal toward fulfillment.

Life is real, let’s take off the gloves and get to work.